Welcome to the Open Road H.O.G.® Chapter #2166

Welcome to the Open Road H.O.G.® Chapter #2166


Our Mission

The Open Road Harley-Davidson® Owners Group Chapter is a non-profit, volunteer organization of Harley-Davidson® Enthusiasts who are highly respectful and strive to create and maintain a safe, engaging and fun culture filled with riding and fellowship. We value our local community and take pride in giving back locally for the betterment of our chapter, Open Road Harley-Davidson®.

The Open Road Chapter is made up of a diverse group of riders:  new and experienced who all share the passion for riding and having fun.

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2020 Primary Officers

Chapter members,

H.O.G. Huddles will resume on June 6th outside under the H.O.G. Pavillion at 9:30 am with a local ride to an outdoor seating destination. 

A few changes to note for the near future; 

We ask that everyone respect physical distancing at all times inside and outside of the building. The chapter will provide individually wrapped hospitality items but cannot provide coffee a this time.  

If you intend to enter the building please use the only the main entrance and make use of the hand sanitizing station there.  

We do encourage you to bring your own mask if you have one.  If you do not, we have masks and gloves for those who choose to use them while here. We look forward to seeing you soon, and we appreciate your patience with these temporary precautions.

All the best, and keep the shiny side up!

Brad J. Mintie

Open Road H-D

Business/H.O.G. Manager

"From Right; Michael Stoffregan (Director), Brad Mintie (H.O.G Manager), Dan Hunt (Assistant Director),  Carly Kastein (Secretary), Sarah Davis (Assistant Activities Officer),Haydn Davis (Activities Officer)

  • Director
    • Michael Stoffregan
  • Assistant Director
    • Dan Hunt
  • Secretary 
    • Carly Kastein
  • Safety Officer
    • Leo Udee
  • Activities Officer
    • Haydn Davis
      • Asst. Activities Officer
        • Sarah Davis
  • Dealer Prinicpals
    • Pete Johnson & Lori Thiel
  • H.O.G. Manager
    • Brad Mintie