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Triple Charge Ladies Rider Spotlight: Erika, Trish and Rochelle

Triple Charge Ladies Rider Spotlight: Erika, Trish and Rochelle


Rides a Softtail Slim

Erika enjoyed being a passenger on a motorcycle, but she began wanting to ride more. She thought to herself, “I can learn to ride myself.” About three years ago, Erika met some lady riders at an Open Road Harley-Davidson Ladies’ Night. She got voicing support from other fellow riders and felt that the “seed was planted.” She was inspired by the thought of “you don’t need a man” to ride a motorcycle. She knew it would take a lot of determination to achieve her dream of riding, but she knew she wouldn’t give up.

Erika got her temps this summer after not passing her ride course class for the 1st time. Already having her temps, she stayed determined and still decided to forge ahead with being a biker chick. As Erika looked back at her experience and timeline, she felt some clarity in her life. Trust was a huge factor in her process. Erika received advice and support from friends and enthusiasts, which ultimately led her to buy from a dealership for a quality experience of learning about becoming a motorcyclist. She ended up choosing a 2020 bike for the enjoyment of the model and having the warranties and support. 

This experience has given Erika TONS of excitement. She worked hard and had to have lots of patience for this learning experience. She had to trust other people, the right sources, and most importantly herself.

As a mom, it was important to find the right process and to be strong through it all.

Erika wants to inspire other ladies who are interested in riding, “Life is not all about everyone else, and you need to take care of your own needs. If you’re on an airplane, and the plane starts going down… You need to put your face mask on to survive, and in life to take care of others you need to be healthy.”

Erika is a hard worker and a great mom to her four kids, and she makes sure to live life to the fullest. Erika chooses to not allow negativity to take her down and enjoys making memories with her children. Erika has an adventurous side, and that's how she wants her kids to remember her. She is a Yoga teacher by weekday, adventure seeker by the weekend. Her adventurous mind wants to go camping on her motorcycle, bring a backpack with essentials, and wash her clothes in the lake. She hopes to escape the whirlwind, practice minimalist packing, and maybe even figure out a way she can bring her kayak.

Erika has enjoyed her riding experience so far. She has almost hit 100 miles and has done lots of solo riding. So far, she is staying close to home but loves getting up to 55 MPH with smiles.

Getting into riding is a big commitment, but Erika would tell any female interested, “Do not hesitate, but just do it!” Erika still chooses not to be fearful of what happens after she decided to ride. She continues to choose healthy thinking and enjoys the freedom of the Open Road!! 

Erika’s reason for riding is to empower other women to feel strong and courageous, as well as herself. Her riding journey has been a HUGE confidence booster in so many areas of her life. Erika has connected with many other ladies who say, “Maybe I’ll do it one day.” They all have that common ground of uncertainty at first, but eventually feel supported to build each other up. Her motorcycling journey has been a big connector socially. Riding builds a different connection, “People are genuinely nice and always want to help. Motorcycling is like a big family”. Erika’s riding period may be short, but her feelings and passion are real. She’s grateful for the experience and all the helpful people and tips along the way. Before riding, a lot of people told her Harley people are bad-asses, but the truth is Bikers are REAL and KIND people!!


Rides a Street Glide Special

Trish had always been on the back of her husband’s bike, but she loved riding so much and never wanted to wait to go for another ride. Her husband and kids surprised her with a riding course for Mother’s Day and she got her motorcycle license on Mother’s Day weekend. Her daughter Cheyanne made a t-shirt that she wore that day, it said “My mom rides a Harley.” Her son Alex was so proud that her mom rides a Harley. She’s been riding for 12 years now, and her kids were little at that time. Now they’re all grown up…

The day she picked up her first bike, she rode it home beside her husband with a car full of kids. She kept in mind that she had not ridden any motorcycles since the class. She leaped and showed him up even though she was scared shitless. Her kids were so proud of her and were shouting at her from the car window saying, “Mom!!! Slow down!!” On her first ride, a turkey flew out, but she kept on riding. She wanted to surprise her in-laws and show them that she could ride a motorcycle. Trish started out riding slow. Then she gradually started riding together with her husband, and Trish hasn’t looked back since.

One of the most memorable moments for Trish was when she took her Sportster grocery shopping with a backpack on. Trish bought a full-size watermelon and strapped it to the back seat. She’ll never forget, the lady in a minivan who stayed and watched Trish as she casually loaded up for the ride home. She strapped the watermelon to the back seat, and the lady watched her drive off, taking a mental picture in disbelief. 

While searching for new motorcycle options and connecting with Brittany, she knew she wanted to come back to Open Road H-D for the experience. Her husband wanted her to get a Street Glide, although Trish refused initially. When she saw the Laguna, she knew that was it. Her husband was onto something! All the accessories were beautiful and calling her name.

After putting more miles on her Sportster than her husband, she felt ready to graduate to a bigger model. When she saw her new Street Glide Special, it was love at first sight. Trish looked for many others like Softails and Dynas, and took three test rides on different models, before deciding her husband was right. The Laguna Orange Street Glide Special stopped her in her tracks, and immediately knew it was the one. It was more bike than what she originally wanted, but she knew she needed to make it work.

Trish purchased the Laguna Street Glide Special and immediately knew this was part of her “mid-life crisis.” She was tired of settling for less and needed something beautiful. Turning 50 was a wake-up call for Trish, and her new Street Glide Special would help her ride through the next half a century in style! This was not just a motorcycle to Trish, but it was something that will help her stay healthy mentally and physically.

Motorcycles although they are heavy, they are too much fun to leave sitting in the garage. It’s normal to be nervous on hills, but having a big support network is very important to build confidence. Trish never thought she would buy from a dealership, but the warm welcome from Open Road H-D just changed her mind. Staff members Corey, JB, and Britt, worked hard to help her in the process of achieving her dream.

Trish commutes about 45 minutes to work and loves the fuel efficiency of riding a motorcycle. She works in healthcare while studying to be an RN, she does get some surprised expressions from her co-workers and patients. She’s even taken her son to baseball and was the only mom who picked him up from baseball on a bike. Going to work on her motorcycle and including her kids with her passion for motorcycles is something she enjoys. 

Riding has been a cool accomplishment, and Trish was afraid of it even though she had been a passenger before. It gave her a lot of respect for riders, and now realizes it’s hard riding with a passenger now being in the front saddle. The first few times she went slow and took it easy. Keeping in mind that confidence comes with patience and practice.

Trish’s Advice to a Future Rider:
“JUST DO IT, jump in and do it. Be safe, be smart, and 100% take the course. You gain so much more respect for the rider and for the sport. This is a fun opportunity you can enjoy”.


Rides a Dyna Low Rider

Rochell got a 50 CC Spirit Scooter last summer. She had a hard time keeping up with her friend's scooter and felt that she needed something faster. Rochell did not feel ready to get a motorcycle, but she knew she wanted a faster scooter.

After much deliberation and convincing from her husband, and friends at Open Road H-D, Rochell got her motorcycle temps in Spring 2020. Then, her husband surprised her with the Buell Blast, but she was having a hard time getting the hang of it at first. It took her three days to get it out of the driveway and not kill it. “You can’t drive everywhere in first gear,” her husband told her. For Rochell, the Buell Blast was different from the scooter. She understood the concept of driving manual cars but struggled with stopping & going on the bike. After getting introduced to her first motorcycle, she took the riding class in June and has been a badass biker chick ever since.

Since March of this year, Rochell only rode 900 miles on her Buell Blast before deciding she was ready for a “real Harley.” She wanted to go riding with the guys and wanted to sound like them. Her new Dyna Low Rider is blue, but she has the goal to paint it white or pink to make it more girly. Rochell jokes that “maybe my husband will ride it less,” if it’s pink. Rochell loves her Dyna Low Rider, especially all the chrome, LED lights, and the loud sound. She purchased the bike in August and has already put more miles on it than her first bike!

Rochell was worried about having control of the bike, but after her test ride, she picked and found the perfect motorcycle. The feel of the bike made her feel more comfortable. She was surprised at how comfortable she was on the bike. Rochell lives an active lifestyle and is a working mom. In 2016, Rochell’s father, who was a rider, passed away. Her husband rides a similar bike to her father, and Rochell started riding in memory of her dad. It was a way to feel more emotion and a stronger connection to her family. Rochell feels her dad is with her, and she can sense that he is very proud of her to be involved in something he loved. Remembrance and honor helped her to step out of her comfort zone. She also wanted to show off to her husband that she’s kick-ass, which he continually brags about her.

She LOVES transforming from businesswoman to biker chick. She has an H-D Tattoo on her arm in memory of her dad, along with nine others. They are all hidden, and when she tells people from her professional life that she rides a motorcycle, most of them are pleasantly surprised. I just want  something added along the lines how I feel honored to be a lady driver in a heavily man driven sport. That if feels awesome to ride as good as they do and keep up with them. Rochell is proud to be a woman rider and the true passion she has for it shows. 

Rochell's first time going over 45 mph and getting on the Highway was on a test ride with Open Road H-D employee Brad. She didn’t give herself time to think about it and just went out and did it. She decided to trust her experience and new skills. Her daughter Hayden loves that her mom rides because they can ride as a family of three. Riding has been a great outlet during this pandemic because she can go out riding as a family. She enjoys making great memories instead of dwelling on the pandemic. 

Rochell’s Advice to a Future Rider:
“This year has proved to us, we are not guaranteed tomorrow. If anything you just have to do what you feel is right. GO FOR IT! Even if you stumble and fall, go do it again. Ask yourself If I can do THIS, and what’s stopping me from doing something else?”

Rochell is so appreciative to be a part of the Open Road Harley-Davidson Family. Buying motorcycles is not just a thing you do, it’s a lifestyle and family that you become a part of. The two hog rides Rochell joined this summer proved she where she is meant to be!