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Rider Spotlight: Tom and Terry

Tom and Terry both agreed that getting their first Harley-Davidson’s around the same time was a dream. Terry got his Road Glide Special first and then talked his Dad Tom into getting a Trike. Since Terry was a kid, he always hoped that he and his father would ride motorcycles together. Terry kept on Tom for many years, and now both get to hit the open road together and start living their dream.

Tom started riding motorcycles when he was 16 on a Honda 50. He rode that one until his friend got a Honda 150 and started to ride that model. Tom eventually upgraded and started riding a brand new 750 Honda. He then purchased a Honda Gold Wing before his 30-year break from riding motorcycles. Tom was with his wife in Nebraska and got in a severe accident on the bike. To this day, Tom doesn’t remember what happened. Luckily he and his wife were okay, but they felt like they needed a break. Tom was also having a hard time balancing the two-wheel motorcycles and started to lose interest. Thirty years later, he was introduced to Trikes, and that’s when he decided to get back into riding motorcycles.

Terry hasn’t been on motorcycles. He has jumped on his friend's bikes once in a while and has also been on dirt bikes. Terry has always had the dream of owning his motorcycle, especially a Harley-Davidson, and now he gets to live that dream with his dad.

Terry has always been attracted to the Harley-Davidson brand. He loves the loud pipes and the camaraderie of other Harley-Davidson riders and enthusiasts. He also got a close-up view through his uncle’s and father-in-law, who all owned Harley’s. Terry always dreamed that his first motorcycle would be a Harley-Davidson and that all came true when he purchased a 2021 Road Glide Special.


Tom has been riding motorcycles most of his life but never on a Harley-Davidson. He got introduced to the brand through his son Terry who purchased his first bike at Open Road H-D. Terry always wanted him and his father to ride together, and that’s what attracted Tom to the Harley-Davidson brand. Tom has also owned several motorcycles in his life, but he said nothing compares to the sound of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Months after his son Terry purchased his Road Glide, Tom walked out the doors with a 2021 Tri Glide. 

Terry has been to several other Harley-Davidson dealerships before finding his bike. Terry is an enthusiast and wanted to check out the dealership that wasn’t too far from his house. When he walked through the door at Open Road Harley-Davidson everybody greeted me, and he instantly felt like family. Terry began talking with Assistant GM Brittany about wanting to buy a bike. She worked with Terry diligently to get the right bike. Terry now believes he found his forever Harley home and is thankful for the Open Road H-D staff for helping him find his 1st bike and welcoming him to the H-D family. 

Tom came to visit Open Road H-D because of his son. Tom has been to other dealerships as well, but he’s never been greeted and felt so welcomed right off the bat. Tom says the friendliness of the staff is just unbelievable. He has not run into anybody yet that's not friendly there. Tom feels like he's joining another family.

Tom and Terry plan to take their first trip on their bikes next riding season to Michigan. They are going to ride around the lake, which is about 1,100 miles. They are expecting the trip to be about two weeks and plan to camp out along with Terry’s son and a family friend. Tom can attach a pop-up trailer to the back of his Trike. They are excited to get out and ride and enjoy the scenery. In the future, Terry would love to attend Sturgis and Bike Week. Tom is interested in doing a lot of rides around here with HOG. Tom looks forward to going to different places where he can sightsee and maybe take tours with his wife. He really would love to get out to Wyoming with his wife as well. Tom and Terry look forward to many adventures on the open road and living their best lives.