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Rider Spotlight: Jenni

Jenni walked through the doors at Open Road H-D looking for a windshield for her husband and ended up leaving with her first motorcycle. Jenni had been riding on the back of her husband’s Road King for a while. She didn't enjoy it as much and wanted to hop behind one for herself. Jenni purchased the Sportster back in 2019 and has since upgraded to a Road Glide and has done an impressive 62,000 miles since first starting to ride.

Jenni faced some hesitation when she first started to ride. She wasn’t 100% convinced when she bought her Sportster that she wanted to ride her own. The more Jenni rode, the more she started to enjoy it. Jenni is more comfortable riding on her own than on the back. She also had some hesitations when she hit the road because of some people's driving skills. It weighed on her in the beginning, but she began to adjust. Jenni still stays extra cautious on the open road but has built more confidence as her experience grows.

Jenni upgraded from a Sportster to a Heritage, and now to her current bike, a 2020 Road Glide Special. She said the biggest jump was from the Sportster to the Heritage. The handling and difference in size were some obstacles. The jump from her Heritage to the Road Glide had been quite a transition for her. Jenni was hesitant to give up the Heritage because she was comfortable with it. Jenni said that there was a learning curve with the Road Glide. She had to learn some more skills. Jenni could see the road and front tire on the Heritage, compared to the Road Glide that made her vision more difficult because of the fairing. She also had to adjust how to turn in tighter curves and learn more brake and clutch control.

Jenni made an impulse decision and upgraded her Heritage for her Road Glide. She came to look at it and thought, why not. Jenni knew she would be taking longer trips, so she thought the wind protection would be better on the Road Glide. The decision seemed to be a good one, and in just one year, she has already put close to 36,000 miles on it.

As Jenni got more experience riding motorcycles, she still had hurdles to overcome. She found it difficult to find gear to fit. Being a girl, Jenni found that she had a more difficult time getting a comfortable fit on the Road Glide due to her smaller stature. That still didn’t stop Jenni from taking long trips with her husband all across the country.

Jenni’s favorite trip on her bike was out to the Black Hills. She and her husband have been out there at least four times. Also, she enjoyed going to Spearfish, South Dakota. Out in South Dakota, they explored Spearfish Canyon. Jenni loved the scenic byway with tall pine trees and streams. This summer, she took a two-week trip and went down to Tail the Dragon. We tried to hit the coast on the other side and only made it to Washington but got to drive past Mount Rainier. Jenni has put quite the miles on her bike but still has some trips she would like to take.

Jenni would love to get out and go through a mountain pass called Low Low Pass in Idaho. She also has plans to hit Montana and Wyoming for some scenic riding. Jenni has been to the beginning of Highway 41 up to Michigan, but she would like to hit the endpoint down in Florida.

Jenni’s advice to any future prospective female riders is don’t be afraid to get off the back and go ride. She encourages females to take the class and find people who will help and support them. Jenni also says get out to Ladies’ night at Open Road Harley-Davidson because it’s a great way to meet other females who are in a similar situation to you.