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Open Road Harley-Davidson® Payment Protection Plan

Open Road Harley-Davidson® Payment Protection Plan

The Payment Protection Plan is a credit insurance program that provides security and peace of mind for you, your family, your investment and your credit.

  • Pays off or reduces your loan
  • No job restrictions
  • Simplified application process
  • Premium can be financed
  • No age rating on premiums
  • Protection due to sickness or injury

Credit Life Plan

Our credit life plan pays off or reduces the loan in the event of death due to a covered illness or injury. Actual benefits depend on the options selected.

Selected gross coverage is based on the total amount owed. The protection decreases each month by the amount of the monthly payment. This coverage is the most comprehensive life coverage available.

Credit disability Plan

Our credit disability plan is designed to pay the scheduled loan payment or a portion of it if the insured becomes totally disabled due to a covered accident or illness.

Standard disability benefits are available for every month during the term of the insurance. This is the most comprehensive disability coverage when available.

Before we pay benefits, a waiting period must be met which triggers the claim process. The waiting period begins on the date of the first medical treatment after the insured becomes disabled.

Retroactive Waiting Period: After 14 days, benefits begin and are payable back to the date of the first medical treatment.