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Rider Spotlight: Cruiser Kids

Brett found some of his inspiration for riding from his dad. Brett's dad has been riding for over ten years. His dad got into it because he was looking for something to call his own. Once Brett and his brother grew older, his dad was ready to share his interest in motorcycles with them. Brett is still newer to riding and does not have a lot of experience, but admits it's been an awesome journey so far.

In his four months of owning his 2021 Street Bob, he has put on 1300-1400 miles.  A couple of weekends ago, Brett and his dad took some back roads up to the De Pere and Kaukauna area. Brett said, “the weather was perfect and made it an awesome ride.” Brett also completed a bigger ride up to the Upper Peninsula. The ride was scenic but challenged him at times due to the roads having obstacles of gravel and sand. Brett enjoyed the new challenge and looks forward to traveling farther on his bike. 

Once Brett gains some more experience on his bike, he wants to get out west and travel to the Badlands National Park. With his family, he did a similar trip when he was younger. Brett really wants to go back out there now on his bike. His dad had always wanted to do it even before he got his first bike, and now they both have something to look forward to doing together. Brett likes the thought of a long ride on his bike and is excited to take the trip on his Harley-Davidson.

Brett has always liked the look and sound of Harley-Davidson’s. He said they look meaner and intimidating. When Brett sat on his 2021 Street Bob for the first time, he felt the meaner and intimidating spirit while also feeling relaxed and laid back. Brett loved that he could make his bike customizable and personalized with the help of Open Road Harley-Davidson. 

Brett is newer to the Harley-Davidson brand. Open Road H-D helped him feel accepted in the Harley-Davidson family. Brett said, “He’s been to other dealers, and he hasn’t felt as welcomed or taken as serious being a younger rider. Open Road H-D does a great job trying to get you a bike that fits you regardless of age or personality.” Brett is thankful to have worked one on one with each department and to be welcomed with open arms.

Tyler walked through the doors of Open Road Harley-Davidson looking for a pair of goggles and left on a 2020 Black Denim Softail Fat Bob. Tyler always liked the sound and look of Harley-Davidson’s and decided to trade in his Metric for his dream bike. Tyler is still newer to riding Harley-Davidson’s but has been on motorsports machines since he was a young kid.

Growing up, Tyler and his friends used to ride on dirt bikes around the farm. One day Tyler decided to hop on a Honda Shadow, and that’s when he really grew an appreciation and liking for riding. Between his former bikes and now his new H-D, Tyler has 4-5 years of experience riding motorcycles. Since purchasing his bike three months ago, he has put over 1,000 miles on it. Tyler stays pretty busy being an Over the Road Trucker, but he has some dream spots he would like to Travel on his Fat Bob.

Tyler would love to put more miles on his bike. He has three dream spots he would like to hit in the future. He wants to ride down to Nashville, Tennessee, and ride out to the Grand Canyon. Tyler is also a fan of the show Longmire. The third destination he would like to hit would be New Mexico to see Walt’s Longmire’s cabin. Tyler isn’t sure if he will make all the trips on his current Fat Bob, but he knows he will stay in the Harley-Davidson family.

Tyler had always been intrigued with Harley-Davidson motorcycles since he started riding. He liked how they looked and sounded. Tyler didn’t have any motives to buy a new bike when he walked through the doors of Open Road Haley-Davidson. He was just searching for a pair of goggles and stumbled across a 2020 Black Denim Softail Fat Bob. His initial thought was, “Hey, that’s a pretty cool bike.”

As soon as Tyler signed the papers and made it to the gas station down the road from Open Road H-D, he felt like he got the right bike. Tyler admitted that he would probably never go back to a metric bike. The customization options and the power and handling couldn’t compare to his metric bike. With the help from Open Road Harley-Davidson, Tyler was able to ride out on a blacked-out motorcycle that matched his style.

Tyler said that “I didn't even own Harley when he walked through the doors, but still got treated like family.” He got to meet many staff members throughout the process and felt welcomed the whole time. The best feeling for him was ringing the freedom bell because it started to feel real. Tyler is excited to be joining the H-D family and will continue to come back to Open Road again and again.